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Doctor Who Calculus NerdHey y’all! My name’s Shelby. I’m a native Texan and am currently a Freshman in college. This is my very first website as well as my very first blog, so I’m still quite the novice. However, from what I’ve learned so far–the grueling hours of blood, sweat, and tears included–blogging seems to be quite the promising experience. So I’m really excited!

So what’s the blog about? And what’s with the title? Well, the origin of the title is actually a rather interesting story, but for the purposes of keeping this page concise I’ll omit much of it here (however, if you’re interested, I’ve made an entire blog post dedicated to it here. I highly encourage you to give it a read!).

First of all, I love to write. No, not in the fictional, far more creative sense. I’m more left-brained, so I love to pick something apart analytically until there’s almost nothing left. Like a movie review or a research paper. In fact, a movie “review” (more like a paragraph-long reaction, really) was the principal instigator for me starting this blog. Basically, after posting one of my usual lengthy analyses on Facebook, I finally (as now it seems ridiculous that I didn’t think of it before) discovered that a blog would be a far more superior outlet for my analytical personality than any social media like FB could ever hope to be. The topic of the FB post? Disney’s Frozen.

So given the movie’s importance in the creation of this blog, I thought it only fitting to name the blog after something in it. For me, the most obvious choice was to name it after a song that, symbolically, already meant so much to so many, the song’s message even more inspirational in considering its similarities to the famous “Defying Gravity” (the two songs, of course, sharing the same singer as well). The song I speak of is, of course, “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel.

But more than just another title, “Let It Go” essentially sums up what I want this blog to be about. Be yourself, be honest, and don’t let anyone hold you back from doing so.

That said, I shall “warn” you ahead of time that many of the things I post on this blog will be highly controversial, so you most likely won’t agree with everything I have to say. For instance, I’m a Christian but have rather uncommon views regarding Christianity, and I’m also a conservative but don’t like some of the views that conservatives generally espouse (and I most certainly do NOT like Bush!). But don’t let that stop you from reading my ideas. Despite the differences, in the purest sense I’m the same as many others out there–just a simple girl trying to make sense of an incredibly complex world. Me in one word? Truth.

However, don’t be deceived. Beyond analyzing aspects of the more serious topics like politics and religion, I also plan on posting analyses of movies, Doctor Who episodes, Sherlock episodes, etc. Yes, indeed, I am quite the nerd–especially when it comes to Doctor Who. :) Nevertheless, “Who” knows what I could be posting next? Heck, because I love math so much, I may even include a rant or two on math-related topics, like the failure of schools to make math interesting for kids. The sky’s the limit!

So whatever your cup of tea may be (Hehe. British shows. Tea. Lol), I’ll have a variety of stuff on here that’ll most likely float your Boston Harbor boat (Oh no Shelby, just stop it; they’re just getting worse). Bad puns aside, I hope you like my blog and really get something out of it! If you disagree with something, think a point needs elaboration or clarification, or just want to give me some constructive criticism for improving the site, let me know in the Comments section or contact me using the Contact form!

Thanks y’all!