Hillary’s Hellfire: Why Hillary Clinton Must Be Stopped

For those of you who may still be worried about Trump, that he is too “risky” and at least with Hillary we know what we’re getting, I thought I would outline for all of you exactly what she plans on doing and what will continue under her reign of terror.

1. 550% increase in refugees. That’s 65,000. That means more dead Americans, and maybe more dead gays. And raped women, let’s not forget that. They will also add to the growing pool of plantation Democratic voters. 

2. Amnesty out the wazzoo. Which means more drugs, more criminals, more rapists, and more dead Americans. And no jobs for Americans or vets. Homeless or dirt poor. And of course, more amnesty also means tens of millions of more votes for the Democrats. Need I remind you that Obama only won in 2012 by 5 million popular votes. Should this plan of hers succeed, we may likely never see another Republican in the White House for a very long time. 

3. The VA will continue to suck. Which means more dead vets from suicide and from waiting in line for treatment that may not even work because the technology also sucks.

4. Obummercare will only get worse. Trump has been discussing the premium hike in November. And he’s right. More middle class Americans will continue to be screwed out of their money and doctors will continue to be pissed that they lost longtime patients. As a future doctor, I do NOT want this.

5. A racial divide that will only get worse. BLM will be more empowered, and more innocent civilians and policemen will die. 

6. Worse foreign relations than when she was Secretary of State. Which means more American hostages, more dead Americans, and more wasted money via back-end deals. More empowered terrorists, which means more dead Americans and more dead Europeans (ala France). But “what difference does it make,” right?

7. A national debt increasing past $20 trillion. Need I remind you Obama nearly doubled it in just 8 years? Hillary would spend even more, and we would very likely see an economic crash the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. 

8. Supreme. Court. Justices. Trump keeps hammering this point, but it is absolutely crucial to do so. Take a look at the ages of current judges. The average age of justice retirement is about 78. Three current justices are 78 or older, and of course Justice Scalia’s position is vacant. That’s four justices. Out of nine. Should this indeed come to pass, the outcome of this election will not only affect the next four years, but the next forty to one hundred years. As Trump says, we could be a Venezuela. Make no mistake, the Democratic insiders have already been arrogantly plotting their next moves once Hillary is in. These include overturning every major case conceivable that has been pivotal to affirming our natural rights, including

a) Right to bear arms. She WILL take your guns. 

b) Freedom of speech.

c) Freedom of religion. 

d) This is more a virtue than a right, but simply the valuing of life. She is the most pro-baby-killer who has ever run for the presidency, and she will do everything she can to enforce her eugenicist agenda. More dead Americans.

9. Civil war. After Brexit, the Texas secessionist movement gained traction. Now it’s simply been kept on hold due to the election. But should Hillary get elected, myself and many others will wholeheartedly support secession. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and provide new guards for their future security.” This will mean war (unless it all somehow remains peaceful). And once more, what does that mean? More dead Americans.

You starting to see the trend? Death. Pain. Suffering. Obama’s administration ushered in this destruction, and the Clintons will continue it on steroids. They bring death everywhere they go, so I suppose it is only fitting. This woman must NEVER become president. There is perhaps nothing that triggers me more than hearing conservatives say that Hillary and Trump are equivalent. Watch Clinton Cash and Hillary’s America (or heck, even Google “list of Clinton scandals”) and then try saying those words again. 

Hillary Clinton leaves death in her wake as she fills her coffers, like a blood-sucking leech. Donald Trump has brought life and wealth to everyone around him — his city, his family, his friends, and hopefully, his country. He is a light, not a darkness.

God bless you, Mr. Trump. I’m sorry I did not understand you before, but now I do. I pray for wisdom, courage, and safety for you and Mr. Pence. We the People thank you from the bottom of our hearts for fighting for us and finally giving us a voice. In return we will do everything we can to ensure your victory in November. Stand strong, sir.

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