A Message to My Friends Worried About Donald Trump’s Presidency

After Donald Trump’s victory on November 8th, I felt a bit conflicted. I wanted to be happy, but at the same time I felt rather discomforted to see so many of my fellow classmates, friends, and professors with their heads hung low on November 9th. It was like this uniform fog of depression had descended upon the entire campus. Even the college president had to say something, and the campus held four or five post-election events for people to attend. People cried during those events, and many more cried on the evening of the 8th itself. Some people wore black, some wore safety pins, and someone even gave out free hugs (should do that during finals week too, lol). Facebook too was relatively the same. From the evening of the 8th through the next several days, there was post after post of sadness and anxiety.

After a while it really started to hit home. Students were not just concerned about Donald Trump, they were legitimately terrified, fearful for their lives even. So I wanted to write this for y’all, just to assuage your worries in any way I could. I hope this helps.

To be honest, at first my opinions of Donald Trump were probably very similar to yours. Although I’m a conservative, the minority on campus, I was very much in agreement that Donald Trump was a joke, a clown with no principles or basic human decency. I could not have been more wrong.

The man I used to see, and the man the media still sees, was a man ruled by hatred. He was arrogant, rude, egotistical, despised every minority under the sun, and represented every stereotype about conservatives that conservatives had worked so hard to dispel.

The man I see now, and the man many of his supporters see, is a man ruled by love. He is a man who loves his country, is down-to-earth and kind, has a big heart, is one of the most minority-embracing Republicans to ever run for the presidency, and represents a return to common sense in a country controlled by excuse-making, deceitful politicians. In him, I see hope. A hero, even.

This is why I felt so heartbroken to see students’ reactions on campus, not just because of how depressing the reactions themselves were but because the reactions were the antithesis of what I knew. It’s like they were talking about a completely different person than the man I was seeing.

I don’t blame y’all at all for that. I blame the media. They’re supposed to be people we can trust to get our news from everyday, but in truth they’re a special interest group of their own that exists to weave a certain narrative. In this election, that narrative was to paint Donald Trump as the most horrible human being on the face of the planet, even at the cost of all journalistic integrity. Frankly it worked. I totally bought into it at first, and I never thought I trusted the media to begin with. So please do check out each of the media’s individual charges against Trump (I started by watching tons of Trump interviews and rallies uncut). I’ll do a couple examples though.

Is Trump homophobic? Actually, he’s said nothing against the LGBT community, and has stated that he wants to leave the Obergefell decision alone. He also stated that he wants the transgender bathroom issue to be left alone and for people to just use whatever bathroom they wish (as it was to begin with). And a last bit of evidence:

A Message to My Friends Worried About Donald Trump's Presidency

The next issue was probably the most egregious case for me, because it shocked me so much to see the media stoop so low.

Does Donald Trump like to mock the disabled? No. He never did. The media made it up to cover up their dishonest reporting. They covered up their dishonesty with more dishonesty, taking advantage of the disabled to do so. Here’s a nice summary video:

The same goes for most of the other media allegations against Trump. They are either lies or gross misinterpretations (including many of the post-election “hate crimes”). All this coalesced into a narrative of hatred and darkness, when his supporters only saw the opposite.

Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but he’s a good man. He could have sat comfortably in his ivory tower for the rest of his life, but he chose to run simply because he loves the country and just wanted to help. He saw all the suffering, all the division, all the pain in this country — with politicians who pretended to care but never did anything — and he said no more. Time to heal, time to unify. Time to give the people a voice once more. Give this a watch. This is how we see Donald Trump. A hero, a beacon of hope, and a force for good.

Trust me and rest assured that everything is going to be 100% A-OK. Whether you’re white, black, Hispanic, male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Muslim, Republican, or Democrat, Donald Trump will be your champion. Not all of us will agree with everything he does, but in the end he has the best interests of the country at heart. Don’t you worry, my friends. :)

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