My Assessments of the Current Election Cycle

Sorry for the long hiatus everyone, but I have returned from the Netherworld of MCAT studying and medical school applications to bring you my thoughts on the state of political affairs currently sweeping the news media. Yes, the presidential elections. It is now down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, and in the coming weeks I hope to write several articles detailing my thoughts on the candidates as well as the importance of the election itself.

The short version? I love Trump. I used to completely despise him, but now I have seen the light. Hillary is corrupt and rotten as ever, and she must be stopped.

So here’s the plan for my future series of articles:

  1. Why I Support Trump: How I Joined the Trump Train from the Fiery Abyss of the NeverTrumpers
  2. Hillary’s Hellfire: Why Hillary Clinton Must be Stopped
  3. The Fridge Analogy: Why Donald Trump Has Gained So Much Support
  4. Reagan 2.0: Why Donald Trump Will Win in a Massive Landslide

More will likely come after that, but those are my main four.

See y’all soon!


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