President Donald J. Trump

It actually happened, friends. Donald J. Trump is now officially the 45th President of the United States, and it feels magnificent. Today was officially his Day 1, and he’s already done the following:

1) Told agencies to lift burdens on Obamacare (Day 0, one of the very first papers he signed).
2) Withdrawn from the TPP (Day 1).
3) Reinstated the Mexico City Policy, removing all federal funding from foreign agencies like Planned Parenthood International (Day 1).
4) Put a hiring freeze on federal employees (Day 1).

He’s also been talking with business leaders and political leaders all over the world, and he’s set to negotiate on NAFTA in the next week.

Mad Dog Mattis has also nuked the living daylights out of ISIS already. It’s his Day 1 too.

Who would’ve thunk it, a political leader actually following through on his promises. But I expected no less from Donald J. Trump.

Here’s a video of his glorious Inauguration speech. It will go down in history, no doubt. Twenty middle fingers to every last elite sitting around him, with God’s blessing of rain at his back.

Let the winning commence, my brethren.

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