Reaction/ Review Disclaimers

So first I’d like to begin with some clarifications regarding what exactly a “Reaction” is and what exactly a “Review” is (on my site anyway. Others do things differently). Well, to confuse you a bit more, sometimes they will be one and the same depending on how much time I have to write something. Yeah…But think of it this way: a Reaction is always a Review but a Review is not always a Reaction. It’s like that square/rectangle spiel you most likely heard during high school geometry.  However, the one defining feature that a Reaction always has is that it’s posted after one’s initial viewing of something. Key word: initial. Ideally, as with my Empty Hearse reaction, you want to write it almost immediately after the initial viewing, but as with my Frozen reaction, that doesn’t always happen. I’ll do my best to improve on this, though.

So basically, after I watch an episode once I’ll post a Reaction. Typically Reactions are short, so I would proceed to watch an episode a couple more times in order to do a thorough, full-blown Review. However, if the Reaction ends up being pretty long because I have enough time on my hands, I’ll most likely end up keeping that post as my full-blown review instead—despite not having the benefit of multiple viewings (although, if it’s any consolation, I did kind of cheat and watch a few scenes over again while writing my Reaction for The Empty Hearse).

Now for the Spoiler Policy! Fun!

Basically, unless I state otherwise in the title (i.e. SPOILER-FREE REVIEW), all of my reactions and reviews will be chock-full of spoilers. Obviously, this means that if you’re on a spoiler-free page, you cannot post spoilers in the comments section. Otherwise you’re free to spoil away.

And that’s it! Happy reading!